TECGEN51 Fatigues

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Whether you require dual-certified firefighter fatigues or a second set of protection to keep your cab clean, TECGEN51 Fatigues are the solution. Certified to NFPA 1951 & NFPA 1977.

Given the strenuous nature of the job, firefighters are exposed to heat stress far more often than the general public. In fact, it currently tops the charts as the leading cause of firefighter occupational deaths. Since heat stress contributes to serious health conditions, including heat stroke, cardiac fatigue and cardiovascular failure, it is important to reduce overexertion and overheating as often as possible.

Our TECGEN51 Fatigues are dual-certified to give you the protection you need, so you can extend the longevity of your structural gear while reducing your exposure to heat stress. Use this single-layer garment to power through 90% of your calls, including extrication, MVAs,

This single-layer garment is built with the advanced technology of TECGEN fabric to keep you from overheating. Its superior TPP, RPP and breathability sets it apart from all other alternative PPE found on today's market.

From the sleek design made to flow with your every movement to the advanced options built for functionality, TECGEN51 Fatigues offer rugged protection and versatility for the toughest non-fire calls.