FXR Custom Turnouts

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Minimize firefighter stress and fatigue with Fire-Dex FXR Custom Turnouts featuring Active Posture Design, which allows full range of motion - especially while wearing your SCBA! Certified to NFPA 1971.

OMNIDEX SHOULDER Eliminates coat rise and sleeve retraction by moving the shoulder seam to the natural bending point, allowing for optimal SCBA positioning

SEAMLESS COLLAR Comfort and NFPA-compliant protection without the need for a throat tab

ATHLETIC PANT DESIGN Provides natural movement and comfort in a forward firefighting position

DexFlex™ Elbows Added pleats bend the sleeve to the natural shape of the arm, providing less restriction in movement.

DexFlex™ Knees Move freely and reduce resistance with naturally-bent knees.

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To view all options and build your own custom turnout gear, visit FireWriter2.