FXM Custom Turnouts

FXM Turnouts

Our FXM turnouts pair modern design features with functionality to prepare you for action.

Comes in a standard, pre-configured spec or can be customized to your unique department needs.

Seamless Collar Full thermal and moisture barrier protection without the annoying throat strap.
DexFlex Elbows Get more mobility with naturally bent elbows, helping the gear flow with your every movement.
Spacious Pockets Securely hold all the tools you need for the task at hand with bellow pockets. Reinforced with Kevlar® for the best rip resistance.
Modern Tapered Hem Climb, crawl, or lift your arms freely with our tapered hem, designed with extra length in the back to eliminate exposure.
Comfortable Waist Find comfort in a traditional waist, with your choice of regular or low rise.
Seamless Gusset Lunging and crawling becomes easy with a pant design that keeps your occupation in mind.
DexFlex Knees Crawl, climb and kneel freely with comfortable, pre-bent legs that reduce restricted movement.
Tapered Boot Cuff Minimize fabric wear and tear by reducing materials that drag or rub against the ground.

enter image description here To view all options and build your own custom turnout gear, visit FireWriter2.

Certified to NFPA 1971.