Fire Hooks Unlimited Officers Tool Kit

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This kit is an ideal assigned tool in separation from ladder companies in Hi-rise fires, search, or examination procedures. Chiefs: Carry this kit for added protection in all fire and emergency conditions. For through-the-lock method of forcible entry, the "O" Tool removes the lock cylinder and the Kerry Key slides or turns the mechanism.

Includes "O" Tool, Kerry Key and Shove Knife Made by a firefighter for firefighters Kit includes: Kerry Key and Holder, Shove Knife

Applications: Rim, Mortise Locks, Tubular Locks, Key-In-Knob Locks, Fox Police Brace Locks, Fox Police Double Locks, Probes During Primary Search, Vents Windows, Makes Examination Holes, Serves As A Portable Pry Bar and Removes Locks on Car Trunks