Fire-Dex Captain Jim Fire Hood

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If you're concerned about thermal protection, the Captain Jim Fire Hood is an elite choice! With a long-standing reputation for superior TPP and THL performance, this hood is sure to make you a loyal fan.

MATERIALS: 2-layer Spentex (70% O-PAN, 28% Twaron & 2.0% FR Rayon)

SIZE/FIT: Designed to be one-size-fits-all, this hood is 20” long with an elastic face opening.

WICKING: The hood wicks away moisture (perspiration, water, and even steam).

THERMAL PROTECTION: Has an initial TPP rating of 29.5 which increases with washings and an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) rating of 34, meaning that it can tolerate and protect against 34 calories of heat per square centimeter.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash according to NFPA 1851 guidelines. The hood will air dry in approximately 2 hours.