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Shipman's Fire Extinguisher Service Department

ABC Aluminum

Shipman's Fire Equipment has 5 qualified technicians on the road daily, and 4 in-house technicians maintaining and testing our customer’s extinguishers. We are prepared to meet all of your fire extinguisher needs - from the point of purchase, to installation, inspections, maintenance and training.

Extinguisher inspections and related services are conducted in-house, or at the customer’s facility when required. When necessary to remove an extinguisher for service, a loaner unit of equal UL rating is provided. Maintenance is performed and extinguishers are returned promptly.

All extinguisher maintenance staff are NAFED certified, and all work meets the requirements of NFPA-10.



  •   Extinguishers
    •   Complete line of Amerex brand fire extinguishers.
    •   Additional brands available
  •   Accessories
    •   Brackets
    •   Covers
  •   Smoke detectors
  •   CO Detectors
  •   Emergency Lights
  •   Exit Signs
  •   Escape ladders
  •   First Aid Kits
  •   And...
    •   Many more residential, commercial and industrial safety products and equipment.

Shipman’s 9-Point Inspection

  1.   Visual Inspection for:
  2. Extinguisher Service
    •   Blockage or Obstructions
    •   Corrosion
    •   General condition
  3.   Check pressure
  4.   Check weight
  5.   Check service dates
  6.   Pull-pin test
  7.   CO2 hose conductivity test
  8.   Thorough cleaning
  9.   Reseal with new tamper seal
  10.   Attach new inspection tag

The Shipman’s Advantage

  •   We don’t charge for a service call
  •   All prices include inspection tag, tamper seal, and any applicable labels
  • Shipman's Van
  •   In business since 1957
  •   Family owned (3rd generation)
  •   Fully licensed and insured
  •   USDOT certified low pressure and high pressure hydrostatic test facility
  •   Full line of commercial, industrial, and residential safety and fire equipment
  •   Servicing the states of CT, RI and parts of MA

Shipman’s Accountability

We maintain a comprehensive database of all fire extinguishers we service. The data we maintain includes:

  •   Serial Number
  •   Type of extinguisher
  •   Size of extinguisher
  •   Owner/Customer
  •   Location of extinguisher
  •   Age of extinguisher
  •   Last service date
  •   Next scheduled service date
  •   History of services performed

Fire Extinguisher Training

Live Fire Extinguisher Training

Train your staff on proper fire extinguisher use and at the same time meet OSHA compliance regulations*. For initial and annual employer provided extinguisher education and training, this program, added to your emergency action plan, will increase personnel and workplace safety.

Using a controlled, propane-based fire to recreate an incipient stage fire, our certified trainers and state of the art system is designed to teach the PASS method in the cleanest, safest way possible at our location or yours. Our system uses readily available air and water, instead of costly dry chemicals.

  • Effective Training- Train as many individuals as needed on Class A, B or C fires at four different levels of difficulty to challenge trainees.
  • Safe Training-We fully control the intensity of the flames and can utilize the emergency stop switch on the handheld controller at any time.
  • Cost Effective-No longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers.
  • Clean-We use clean burning propane gas to generate flames with no cleanup required with chemical extinguishers.
  • On the Record-We help with documentation for OSHA and Insurance Company requirements as well as track the performance of trainees each year.

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(*) OSHA ref. 1910.157(g)(l)