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The CROSSFIRE monitor is a unique master stream appliance that's lightweight, compact and incredibly versatile. It can be connected to either a portable base or a truck.

With a flow rating of 1250 gpm in portable operation, the TFT Crossfire monitor integrates the exclusive Safe-Tak safety shutoff system to prevent unintentional movement. The monitor's compact and lightweight design includes stainless spring steel legs with carbide tips for maximum stability, and a visual attachment indicator for additional security.

Connect to a truck with the adapters or a TFT Extend-A-Gun with XL outlet. The connection is easy, positive, and visually verified. When in use, the release is "locked out" by water pressure. The waterway is a large 3.25" (83mm) which lets the CROSSFIRE deliver up to 1250 gpm (4500 l/min) with low friction loss.