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High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Sales and Service

It’s a 5-Alarm Fire … Are you sure your breathing air is safe?

          You’ll ALWAYS know, when you use Shipman's for all your breathing air needs!



At Shipman's, we know your breathing air is one of the most important tools required to do your job! Whether your using it for structural firefighting, confined space, hazardous materials operations, rescue diving, even commercial and recreational diving and industrial uses! We take your breathing air needs as seriously as you do! Our compressor service department has 3 fully stocked service vehicles on the road daily and ready to repond to your problems 24 hours a day. Our staff of trained technicians brings over 50 years of experience servicing and repairing all the major brands of high pressure compressors(and some not so well known brands too!). We feel that high pressure breathing air should be treated as a speciality. You won't find our tecnicians in your local tire shop repairing their low pressure air compressors.

Education is an important cornerstone of our service philosophy. We understand that your time is divided among many important tasks. That's why we take the time to make sure you're up to speed on all aspects of your breathing air program. From inital training after your compressor purchase to refresher training years later, to quarterly newsletters to update you on current regulation changes, Shipman's will help you keep up with the changes and make sure your program is up to date. Our technicians will make sure your aware of all applicable regulations to help you determine what service schedule meets your needs!

Let Shipman's worry about getting your compressor serviced on time! With everything going on, do you have time to worry about taking your air samples on time? Shipman's uses our computer database to track when your services are due and make sure our technicians get there! We follow all manufacturers recommended maintenance schedules and let you know in advance when major services are required!


  • Specializing in High Pressure Breathing Air
  • Centrally located in Waterford, CT
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Focused on education to help you stay up to date
  • 3 fully stocked service vehicles for On-Site Service At Your Department
  • Parts in stock for all Brands of Compressors
  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly or random air sampling available
  • Computerized record keeping means your service will be on time
  • Servicing all of CT and RI and willing to travel elsewhere

Full compressor sales and service dept.

  •   Compressor Systems
  •   Cascade Systems
    •   ISO/DOT or ASME cylinders
    •   Containment Fill Stations
    •   Electric Booster Pumps
    •   Hoses made to order
  •   Compressor Services
    •   On-site service and repairs
    •   Comprehensive Maintenance Programs
    •   High and low pressure air quality testing
    •   CO meter calibration and installation
    •   Education and Training
    •   Newsletter about changing regulations