Boston Leather 5611RC-1 Leather Radio Holder for Motorola APX 6000, APX 8000

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Includes large D-rings for 6543 strap attachment and can be worn on a belt

This case is used with the PMNN4485, PMNN4486, PMNN4504, NNTN7038, PMNN4403, NNTN8092, NNTN8930 standard size batteries

Includes a cutout to view the APX 8000, APX 8000XE, APX 6000XE (large knobs) Model 2.5 and 3.5 radio side display

Interior Width : 2.4" Interior Depth (Front to Back) : 1.5" Front Height : 2.2" + (1.7" x 2.7" Window) + .7" Back Height : 6.1"