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Auto Cascade

The world leader in high pressure breathing air is proud to introduce a new method of automatically cascading your air storage system The system utilizes our patent pending manifold block with integral valve bodies, couple this with a commercially available PLC controller and you have the simplest cascade system available today! What would you's a BAUER.

STANDARD SCOPE OF SUPPLY Corrosion resistant high strength aluminum alloy manifold block Programmable Logic Controller for simplistic operation and heightened accuracy No adjustable shuttle valves LED indication as to which cascade cylinder is being utilized The system can be utilized on either stationary or mobile cascade systems A preset pressure bias of 0 PSIG can be adjusted to allow for quicker switch over time from one bank to another Pressure sensing by transducers rather than sequential valves, provides greater accuracy without leaks or pressure drift A bypass circuit is incorporated into the system allowing the storage system to be bypassed. This enhancement allows for more effective hose reel operation or possibly filling a mobile cascade system from a stationary system Can be installed into any existing fill station or wall mounting